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Live events art notes:

6. The Backrow Presents

5. Sofar Sounds, Edinburgh

3. Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Club

4. Decagram/The Leith Volcano

1. Pianodrome Live

2. Tokamak Dance Festival

7. Serendipity 2.0


My approach to life drawing is centred on the idea that to be able to draw accurately, you must learn to see by unravelling any pre-conceptions held of what it is you are drawing.

The human body remains such an important subject to artists today as it is surrounded - perhaps more than anything else - by distortion. We all think we know what the human body does or should look like. Life drawing challenges the artist by forcing them to confront such conceptions, to separate the human body from it's existence in memory, its social construction, and as an idea to it's existence as we see it: as simply form, light and shadow.

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Portraiture ~ Live Events Art ~ Teaching


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This receipt is to confirm that a ​deposit payment of £40 for an A4 detailed pencil portrait was received on

29/06/2020 from Ms S R R Hickson.

Ruby Scott-Geddes

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