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  • Edible Seaweeds

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    Featuring: Sea Spaghetti, Egg Wrack, Sea Truffle, Gutweed, Dulse, Bladder Wrack and Sea Lettuce – all seaweeds that I've foraged on the West Coast of the Scotland, Wales and England.


    Digitally printed on 100% recycled 200gsm fine grain cartridge paper.


    One of the great things about seaweed foraging is that there are no toxic species that can be found by foot on UK shores, provided you're foraging by clean unpolluted waters – if the seaweed is alive (still attached by it's holdfast, rather than something that's drifted in from deeper waters), and can be reached by walking, then it's edible!


    P.s. If you're keen to get started seaweed foraging but don't know where to start, I'd recommend having a look at the online recources and webinar by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods.

    Edible Seaweeds Identification Poster

      by Ruby Scott-Geddes
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