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  • Moons & Mushrooms

    2024 Lunar Calendar


    Risograph printed in metallic gold ink on A3 deep blue 300gsm vanguard paper.


    A whole year of moons and mushrooms to follow and look out for, and get to know as they gently shimmer on your wall at home! Featuring a delicious array of edible and medicinal fungi, including (clockwise from top right):

    - Scarlet Elf Cup

    - Amethyst Deceiver

    - Shaggy Inkcap

    - Common Puffball

    - Penny Bun

    - Turkey Tail

    - Honey Fungus

    - Chanterelle

    - Field Mushroom

    - Hedgehog Mushroom

    - Morel

    - Oyster Mushroom

    - St George's Mushroom

    - Velvet Foot

    - Lion's Mane


    These varieties of fungi were chosen for this poster as they are fairly abundant and easy to identify as they appear across the year – either without common lookalikes, or with simple tests that can be carried out to confirm their ID – making them good varieties to start with if you're a beginner forager. This excludes lion's mane which is a protected species, but not uncommon to find this beautiful and tasty mushroom farm-grown at local food markets.


    Some practical foraging tips:

    - Forage kindly, taking care to never take too much, and supporting your local flora and funga as they support you by practicing taking care of the ecological systems of which we are all a part.

    - Always consult an experienced forager or a guide (e.g. Roger Philip's Mushrooms), do your research (e.g. check out Wild Food UK's online resources) and never munch on a hunch!

    Moons & Mushrooms 2024 Lunar Calendar

      by Ruby Scott-Geddes
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