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  • We are the earth teaching itself how to heal.


    A4 digital print on handmade lokta paper.


    A huge joy to illustrate a series of beautifully crafted quotes by my brilliant friend Maya Blackwell from her book ‘Permaculture: planting the seeds of radical regeneration’. This is the second of a collaborative series of illustrated prints.

    The plant featured here is Comfrey. Also known as ‘Knitbone’, this plant supports the healing of skin, muscles, tendons,and even broken bones! These healing properties are partly due to Comfrey's richness in nutrients, that means that it also makes for amazing composting material or tea for your plants. Familiar to gardeners and herbalists alike, it is a powerful medicine for flora, fauna & funga, and an inspiring plant ally to guide us as we build collective care. 🌿🪱✨

    We are the earth teaching itself how to heal

      by Ruby Scott-Geddes
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